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Thinking About Taking DJ Lessons?

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Claim 2 FREE DJ LESSONS at the Spin DJ Academy in Rockville Centre & Amityville. We are Long Island's #1 electronic music education center. Classes available for all styles and skill levels. We even place you at our amazing Spin DJ gigs for live performance experience. Claim your free lessons today!

Why Choose Us?



2 convenient locations on Long Island - Rockville Centre & Amityville


Equipment &


Learn on state of the art equipment & Software


Pro Instructors

Staff Instructors only made up of professional working DJs


Perform Live &

Get Gigs

Get booked on gigs & gain performance experience through the SPIN DJ Live


Course Variety

Courses in both DJ & Music Production for Kids & Adults



Because that's why we're here!

DJ Classes

Intro To DJ

  • DJ History

  • Basic music theoary and song structure

  • Basic mixing & blending

  • Basic intro to DJ Technolocgy (Serato, Virtual DJ, turntables and more)

DJ Beginner

  • Beginner DJ Equipment Setup

  • Intro to Mixing Techniques

  • Beginner Programming Skills

  • Fundamentals of Rhythm and Song Structure

DJ Next Level 

  • DJ History

  • Basic Music Theory & Song Structure

  • Basic music & blending

  • Basic intro to DJ Technology (Serato, Virtual DJ, turntables and more)

DJ Pro Mixing

  • Advanced DJ Theory of Structure, Harmony & Chord Changes

  • Pro DJ Equipment Set Up

  • Record and Analysis of Student Mixes

  • Intro To Beat Juggling, Scratching and
    Advanced Tricks

  • Mastering Your Mix

Advanced Scratching

  • Motivic Development & Making your Scratches Speak

  • How to Practice & Perfect Your Scratches

  • Analysis of the Great Scratch DJs

  • Understanding of Scratch Notation and Western Notation

DJ Pro Performance

  • Musical Collaboration and Live Performance

  • The Business of DJing

  • Advanced Performance, Production & Lighting

  • Stage Presence & Crowd Experience

  • Working with Artists, Clubs & Venues

Want to Learn to DJ

We are now in 2 convenient locations on Long Island:

Spin DJ Academy
Rockville Centre
Spin DJ Academy

202 Merrick Rd, NY 

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

16 Broadway
Amityville, NY 11708

Call us today at
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