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Choosing The Right DJ For Your Special Event

Long Island DJs

If you are wondering how to select the right Long Island DJ for your upcoming special event, worry no more! This DJ Hiring Guide will start you on the right direction to select the perfect Long Island DJ.

Music: The Life of the Party

Each special occasion needs some great music to go along with it. The musical sounds from your speakers ought to adequately entertain all of your core group of guests without alienating anyone. The playlist has to be well thought out! Before making the final decision when choosing the right DJ, there are a few things that you actually need to consider beforehand…It is not just a matter of getting onto the internet and searching for any Long Island DJ and hiring the first one you see. The wrong DJ can ruin your entire event… so it’s important to exercise some due diligence to make sure that your special event proceeds without any hitch. Here are some important things you need to consider before Long Island DJs.

Professionalism and Reliability

First and foremost, you must ensure that the particular DJ you are intending to book or hire is organized. While it sounds like obvious, scheduling nightmares are all too common! Clients have had horror stories with unorganized DJs who were “accidently double booked”, showed up late, or even failed to show up! You never want to have the DJ either showing up late for your special day or leaving earlier due to other side-commitments.

Production Quality

A common complaint of poorly planned DJ events is bad sound quality. When interviewing DJs they need to have top quality equipment. For example, Spin DJ Events in Rockville Centre, NY possess state of the art sound and production rigs that will undoubtedly make your event a big success. This collection of Long Island based DJs also have access to premium add-ons such as special lighting equipment, experienced emcees, musicians, and video services. All these complete an attractive package that is reliable and professional.

DJ’s Experience Level

This is a very crucial aspect to be considered before hiring any professional. You must consider the level of experience of the DJ. Depending on your type of party, you will different experience needs. It’s important to get background on the DJs experience before hiring. With Spin DJ Events, they provide access to both their Spin DJ Academy student roster, as well as their Long Island Pro roster. The Spin DJ Academy in Long Island have professional DJs with over 20 years industry experience. The Academy also offers Student DJs for those clients who are more budget minded. All you need to do is speak to an event specialist and they will handle the rest.

Crafting the Perfect Playlist

It is important to consider whether the DJ offers customizable music made by the hosts. Some DJs may opt to play their own music that they may deem appropriate for the event. But if you work with a Spin DJ Event Specialist & Music Manager to crafting the perfect music for their night.

Budget and Contracts

Last but not least, you must know how much a particular DJ will charge for their services. It is important, as the organizer, to have a breakdown of your entire budget and consider an appropriate allocation for the DJ’s services. Make sure to read your event contract thoroughly where all terms and conditions are clearly stipulated. For instance, there are typically would be extra charges for going over event time, premium production, lighting, and premium staff costs. You need to understand, in advance, the cancellation and refund policies where the need arises. Agreeing prior to the function will ensure that you avoid any foreseeable conflicts over fees and payments.

Having considered all the above issues, you can now proceed and hire the right Long Island DJ for your special night. If you follow this guide you will surely not be disappointed! Enjoy!

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